Our story

A historic company

For three generations, our family has always grown cereals and bred pigs in respect of the environment.

We carefully follow every phase of the cultivation process, from soil preparation to sowing and harvesting. thus, we obtain corn, soy and wheat that will feed our animals.
We breed our pigs in compliance with the regulations of animal health and welfare, feeding them with genuine food and following the procedural guidelines of prosciutto di parma d.o.p.

Corte Camerlenga “a story that starts from afar”

We care about the environment

Photovoltaic systems

For our activity we use only clean energy obtained from a 100 kwp photovoltaic system, built in 2008, totally integrated into the roofs of our buildings, which makes us completely self-sufficient in energy terms.

Efficient management of livestock nitrogen

According to the new regulations, slurry is buried through self-propelled slurry spreaders consisting of small wheels that first create a groove in the ground, then inject the slurry and finally the discs cover the groove by directly burying it.

About us